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Amongst others, our range of services includes:
Car- & product clinics
taste tests
design tests
food tests
handling tests
logo tests 
name tests
packaging tests
concept tests
usability tests
advertisement media tests

Applied Methods:
individual interview
expert surveys
explorative and in-depth interviews
group discussions
household surveys
children surveys
online surveys
POS surveys
test purchases

Our service includes the standard repertoire of studio services and applied methods of the qualitative and quantitative field.

MAS is a service provider of market research and marketing research in Germany and Europe. We provide the complete portfolio of the implementations ranging from individual interviews to the full-service study. We specialize in the recruitment of difficult target groups, conducting usability and UX studies, as well as national and international product clinics. You benefit from our experience in conducting more than 2,000 studies over the past 18 years.

With the combination of different methods and out-of-the-box thinking we find indviduelle solutions for each project.

Across Europe

Implicit measurement methods, neuromarketing, user-centered design and their combination are of personal interest to us and are used by us.

18 years of experience in different industries and types of studies. And if a topic is really new, we look forward to it.

Our base is in Frankfurt, but we feel at home with our studies in whole Europe.

MAS MARKET RESEARCH EUROPE is a service provider for market research and marketing research. Our portfolio ranges from selective to comprehensive support for market research studies. 


Our clients are institutes, business consultancy, brand manufacturers, service companies, advertising and media agencies, mainly from Germany, the UK, North America and Asia.


We are situated in Frankfurt, the heart of the Rhine-Main area. From here we carry out national and international studies for our clients cooperating with our established partners in Germany and Europe. With our website, we would like to present the first impression of our portfolio to you. If you miss any information or need a quote for your project, we are at your personal disposal.


What makes us special?


There is hardly anything we have not tested and only a few target groups that we have not already consulted. There are hardly any study requirements for which we have not found a solution and more than 2000 studies over the past 18  years represent competence and safety in the design, organization, and implementation of studies.




This makes us your ideal partner for any kind of market research studies!

About us



Ethnographic interviews about hair removal for women in Germany and Italy.


Our services:

The organization, planning, supervision, recruitment of the participants in Milan and Munich, conducting interviews with video documentation, cutting videos with subtitles in English, data collection of the questionnaire, analysis, and short report.


F2F interviews on interior prototypes compared to the relevant competition vehicles.


Our services:

The organization, planning, supervision, find a suitable facility with space for 5 vehicles, organization of the competition vehicles, recruitment of participants, conducting interviews, mobile data collection (tablet PCs), tabulation of the data.

Basic study about hair removal

Car Clinic / design evaluation test interior
Designtest fridge freezers across Europe
Difficult target groups


Indepth interviews with participants of a drug replacement program and their therapists


Our services:

Organization, planning, recruitment of the participants, moderation

Be in Touch

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tel: +49 (69) - 90 75 41 13 | Fax: +49 (69) - 90 75 69 54

Wallstr. 13, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Our services

Conception, planning and organization of studies

At the beginning is the study concept. We examine the requirements and provide, as required assistance in the development. In addition to planning, the organization and supervision of studies belong to our core tasks.


Choosing the right location is crucial to the success of a study. Depending on the design of a study, we look for the adequate facility in form of test studios, hotels or even large halls for auto clinics for which we can make a large number of suitable facilities available in Germany and throughout Europe.

Technology / usability tests

We provide the technology and software for recording interviews, group discussions, webstreaming and for the implementation of usabilty tests (eye tracking, recording of various devices such as computers, smartphones or tablet PCs with Morea).

Recruiting participants for surveys

Depending on the target group and requirement, we recruit participants from databases, street recruiting or online panels. Testing, coordination or development of the screening questionnaire can also be carried out by us.

Interview / Moderation

We have a pool of professional interviewers and moderators for conducting Face2Face interviews, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographical interviews, etc. for the most diverse requirements. E.g. for medical studies, the survey of high potentials, experienced usability experts.

Simultaneous interpreters, translations

For foreign customers, we organize simultaneous interpreting. For studies in several countries, we translate test documents such as screeners, questionnaires, and concepts, as well as the study results into almost any language.

Questionnaire programming / online surveys

​For Studio Test, Mobile interviews, online survey, we program your questionnaire and to link them with the most diverse online panels. We have experience with complicated rotations and can test all kinds of media. We can also program and evaluate attention tracking (procedures for attention measurement), tachistoscope or online shelf sets.

Data analysis

In addition to the transcription of in-depth-interviews and focus groups, we offer the coding of open questions, the availability of raw data as ASCII,  EXCEL or SPSS files, tabulation of data and the creation of charts in Powerpoint. Supplemental we can cut the most important results as videos and present them with optional subtitles.


We also have the expertise, the institutional background and the long-term experience to produce your study results short reports, detailed reports or as presentations with management summary.

Usabilty & UserExperienceresearch

Our specialization is based on our experience. With the beginning of usability research, MAS was one of the first service providers nationwide to offer and carry out usability tests. The successful implementation, organization and support of more than 500 usability studies speak for themselves.

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Our adjustable service portfolios combined with our flexibility ensures that you will get the best offer for your job. We offer our services individually depending on the study requirements, as components or as a complete package. We are discrete, objective, professional and provide our knowledge and our experience completely at the service of our customers.


Design test of 6 fridge freezers in 5 European cities within 3 weeks (Frankfurt, Rome, Paris, London and Copenhagen) Survey with 100 participants per city.


Our services:

Organization, planning, search and selection of suitable facilities, transport of fridge freezers, assembly and dismantling of equipment, recruitment of participants programming of the questionnaire, conducting interviews, mobile data collection (tablet PCs), coding of open questions, delivery of data as SPSS file and tabulation.



Service Solutions for Market Research

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